The Team

Anton Strukoff, Treasurer 


Born and (mostly) raised in British Columbia, Canada, I am a second year student at Sciences Po with the UBC Sauder Dual Degree. While on campus this year you will find me practicing a range of sports (rowing, badminton, tennis), as well as attempting to frantically improve my French whenever possible.

Francesca Sebastiani, Co-Director of Communications


My name is Francesca, I am Italian and I was born in Rome. At the age of 16 years old I moved to Canada, Vancouver, where I studied at an international boarding school. My main interests are law, philosophy, drawing and running.

Annie Liu, Co-Director of Communications


Hi! My name is Annie. I am a second year in the Dual BA program between Columbia University. I joined DLS to help bring the most inspiring speakers we can find to enrich our campus here in Reims. Outside of DLS, I’m a dancer, an admirer of Voltaire, and a travel lover!

Ethel Tan, Head of Outreach 


Hi everyone! I’m born & raised in Singapore – and the second one here to bring some Asian spices (and perspectives) to the Distinguished Lecture Series of 2015! As much as TED talks have revolutionised my world, I’d now like to do the same for you, through our weekly DLS lectures.