The fashion and prêt à porter industry

We were honored to host Alexia Tronel, co-founder of Atelier Bartavelle, on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016.

After having studied development economics and worked for a NGO in Paris for two years, Alexia Tronel decided to embark on a new project and dedicate herself to fashion industry. With the help of her newly-found colleague Caroline Perdrix, who had pursued classic fashion studies, she created the Atelier Bartavelle.

The Atelier started off producing mostly jackets and upper body clothing, centered around the theme of travel, looking the colors of southern France. Each piece has a story that is not limited to its conception and design but that extends to its creation. The origin and composition of the fabric, the place of manufacture and the person who makes it form part of each garment’s unique story. The pieces in woven fabrics are produced in Marseille and Lodz. The leather ones are made in a small workshop in Porto, known for its savoir-faire. We can even read on some labels “Made in Marseille by Jacky.”

Alexia Tronel shared her personal and unique experience, giving many precious pieces of advice to students keen on fashion. Her project showed courage, resourcefulness and skill. Atelier Bartavelle does not only produces high quality pieces of clothing, but it also works in co-production with Voyageurs de Monde and has a partnership with an American NGO helping women in the world to promote their craftsmanship (

Alexia Tronel and her Atelier provide an enriching example of what skill and determination can accomplish.



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