Pourquoi la reprise est toujours pour demain

La biographie d’un livre, Cities and Crisis


“Bad news: the crisis will last for another 10 years, at least”. These were the opening words of our guest speaker, Joseph Konvitz, visiting professor at King’s College, London.

In an insightful conference given at the Reims Campus on January 27, 2016, professor Konvitz presented his most recent book, Cities and Crisis, where he describes the many mistakes made in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis. According to professor Konvitz, the post-crisis measures have only been a palliative care: they simply removed the symptoms without addressing the structural causes.

But not everything is lost. If governments understand the crucial role of cities and urban development for the economy and are able to redirect investments accordingly, there is still hope for an economic recovery.

One thing is certain: we cannot go back to the pre-2008 conditions. As governments become more and more desperate and the preexisting financial rules are being broken, there is hope that a new paradigm will be found. A paradigm that will guide society as the idea of salvation did in the Middle Ages or the idea of progress in the 1800.

Joseph Konvitz’s book, Cities and Crisis, will soon be available at the campus library.

9781784992903 Schermata 2016-01-28 alle 16.18.13



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