Dear White People: Movie Screening and Discussion with the Director

An exclusive and original session on Wednesday, March 11th: movie screening of Dear White People, followed by a question and answers session with the film’s writer and director Justin Simien.

Dear White People, a satirical film about a presumably post-racial US, makes us think about the identity of African-Americans in a university, and by extension in the country as a whole, where they still face racism and prejudice. The main characters try to find their identities, and their place in a university where they feel the pressure of being “black” and the need to explain themselves to whites. Justin Simien had personal experience as part of the 2% of black students at his American college; motivating him to realize such a movie – an engaged artistic work, with a particularly striking soundtrack. Simien wanted to show his audience some fresh insights into a universal truth, applicable to all minorities. Hopefully Simien will continue doing challenging works raising questions on humanity, as he shared with us some of his exciting plans going forward!



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