The Neoconservative Worldview and American Foreign Policy

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.27.10 AM

Jim Lobe, the chief of the Washington bureau of the American Inter Press Agency, came to campus on 12 November to give a lecture and lead a discussion on the neoconservative worldview and how it influences American politics. He explained how neoconservatives see the world through a moral framework, with the US and Israel representing great forces for good. Therefore, neoconservatives are adamant that the US maintains its primacy in the world, by responding strongly to threats including Iran, China, and Russia. The greatest weakness of neoconservatives is that they were adamant supporters of beginning the Iraq war, so their association with this war discredits their push for hawkish policies today. Nevertheless, their strong political engagement, through think tanks, publications, lobbying, and campaign contributions ensures that their ideas are adopted by many American politicians.


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