The Secrets of the White House

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 11.56.24 AM

Nicole Bacharan came to our campus for a fascinating lecture about how American presidents throughout history have sought to control information. She focused on the use of secret tape recorders throughout the White House, a practice that dates as far back as FDR. Bacharan also shared her thoughts on contemporary concerns, including Snowden’s decision to leak classified documents and the extent of NSA activities. She closed by acknowledging that the American government needs secrecy for much of its work, but the American public must consistently question their government and press for information to ensure this secrecy isn’t abused. Bacharan brought some copies of the new book she co-authored, Les Secret de la Maison Blanche, so those students interested to learn even more could get a signed copy!

The campus’s journal, The Sundial, had the opportunity to interview Nicole Bacharan before the lecturer and published this article about the interview and lecturer.

15 October 2014


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