Three years into the Syrian revolution, What Next?







Dear Students,


The DLS Team has the pleasure of inviting you to our next conference, on the subject “Three years into the Syrian revolution, What Next?” with Pr. Jean-Pierre Filiu.


Over 206,000 deaths but is there an end in sight? Where is this revolution, this conflict heading and what can the international community seriously do to address it?


Pr. Filiu, France’s leading expert on Middle Eastern affairs, will be coming to our Sciences Po campus to discuss this very real, very crucial topic. Having visited Aleppo,Syria’s most important city in the civil war after Damascus, the distinguished Sciences Po Paris professor has seen the destruction with his own eyes.


He was chosen by President Hollande as one of the ten independent experts to contribute to the 2013 White Paper for National Defense and Security (only the fourth in France’s history! and very influential in shaping the future of the French Armed Forces). He also served as French Deputy Chief of Mission to Syria in Syria in (1996-99) and among numerous important posts in his career, was a diplomatic adviser to the French PM (2000-2002).


Pr. Filiu is a frequent contributor to Al Jazeera and France 24, and was recently interviewed by Christiane Amanpour on his latest graphic novel on the historical relationship between the USA and the Arab world.


He has held visiting positions at Columbia and Georgetown and given the famous historian and Arabist that he is, has been invited to numerous universities such as Harvard University’s Kennedy School. It is about time for the famous professor to come speak at our Euro-American campus in Reims!


Conference will be held on Wednesday at 17:30h on campus.


We hope to see many of you on Wednesday!


Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the DLS Team (Catherine, Ilona, Luca, Sara, Marwan, Minnie, Eric, and Matthieu) with questions, or check out our website and facebook page:



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