Conférence Laurent-Perrier


Dear all,

The Distinguished Lecture Series is happy to welcome you back from spring break with an exciting champagne lecture!

Mr Jordi Vinyals, Chief of Marketing of Laurent-Perrier, will present to you one of the region’s oldest champagne houses. Mr Vinyals is also in charge of the brand’s development and its public relations.

A little bit of history:
Laurent-Perrier is a champagne house founded in 1812 by André Michel Pierlot. After his death, it took the name of Mr Pierlot’s cellar master, Eugène Laurent, and became Veuve Laurent-Perrier at Eugène Laurent’s death.
It was Eugène Laurent who developed and expanded the house by buying more land. This is how the “Domaine Laurent-Perrier” was born at Tours-sur-Marne.
Today, Laurent-Perrier is a unique brand, with its own style, and is exporting champagne to 147 countries.

We are very excited about this conference and hope to see you all on Wednesday, March 19th, 5.30 in the Red Lecture Room of SciencesPo Paris – Campus de Reims.

Feel free to contact any member of the team with questions or check out the Facebook page for the event:

Best, the DLS Team

NB: The conference is in English.


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