The Transatlantic Idea of Freedom and Europe’s Oldest Constitution with Mme Inga Nyhamar

Dear Students,

The DLS Team has the pleasure of inviting you to our next conference, on the subject of The Transatlantic Idea of Freedom and Europe’s Oldest Constitution with Mme Inga Nyhamar. This represents our continued close cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in Paris which fosters beneficial connections for our entire campus.

This spring, the Norwegian Embassy is marking the Bicentennial of the Norwegian Constitution. It is in fact the oldest constitution in Europe still in force, and the second oldest in the world – after the US Constitution, which, together with the French Human Rights Declaration, was an important inspiration.

Please note that we will organize an apéro after the conference where you will have a chance to discuss the lecture topics and have a chat with our guest lecturer.

We hope to see many of you on Wednesday!

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the DLS Team (Catherine, Ilona, Luca, Sara, Marwan, Minnie, Eric, and Matthieu) with questions, or check out our website and facebook page:

PS As one of our goals here, in DLS, is to inspire students who attend our conferences, we asked our guest speaker for the week a simple, but a tough question: “What would you say is important for young college students who are at the beginning of their career?” Here is the answer Mme Nyhamar gave us: “Think hard about what you believe in, and what you want to do. Keep an open mind, and go for it.”

cover dls norway


The DLS Team


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