“le rôle du droit internationale humanitaire” et “la violation des droits de l’Homme en temps de guerre”



Dearest Students, 

Amnesty International (of SciencesPo Paris – Campus de Reims), in collaboration with the DLS, are proud to present our first lecture on International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law. 

We have the chance to hear from Charlène Ducrot, who is in charge of the diffusion of International Human Rights for the French Croix Rouge, about the origins, development and examples of these branches of international public law.

Madame Ducrot has a qualification as a jurist specialized in international humanitarian law from the University of Aix en Provence. She has previously worked at the Médecins du Monde and The International Organization of the Francophonie. 

It will take place at 5:30 pm, Wednesday, February 5th in the Red Lecture Room on campus. 
Take note that the presentation will be in French.
If you have any questions, please contact any member of the AI Group or DLS.

Also check out the Facebook event!


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