Business & Humanitarian Efforts


The DLS Team in collaboration with Junior-Consulting Reims would like to invite you to an exceptional conference! It will be held on Wednesday, January 15th at 5:30 PM in the big lecture room on Campus of Reims of SciencesPo Paris.

M. Thierry Delaporte, Director of Financial Services at Capgemini, is also involved in the humanitarian association “Life Project For Youth” (LP4Y) as the president of its American Branch.

This organization has for its goal to prepare disadvantaged youth for the professional world.

M. Delaporte will be presenting this association as well as his career path. This double perspective of business and humanitarian interests will be especially interesting and we encourage you to attend.

The conference will be in French but questions may be asked in English.

M. Thierry Delaporte, Directeur des Services Financiers de Capgemini, est également engagé dans l’association humanitaire Life Project For Youth (LP4Y) en tant que président de la branche américaine.

Cette organisation s’occupe de l’insertion des jeunes défavorisés dans le monde professionnel.

Il présentera cette association ainsi que son parcours professionnel. Cette double perspective business/humanitaire sera donc particulièrement intéressante et nous vous encourageons à participer à celle-ci.

La conférence aura lieue en Français mais les questions pourront être posées en Anglais bien entendu.

Feel free to contact the DLS Team with any further questions, or check out the event on Facebook:


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