The French Intervention in Mali: Stability in the Sahel


Dear Students,

The DLS Team is happy to invite you to the second conference of this semester!

It will take place at 5:30 PM on September 18th, 2013, in the Big Lecture Room (SciencesPo Paris – Campus de Reims, Place Museux)

This conference will be held by Mrs Véronique Roger-Lacan, head of the Sahel task-force at the French Minister of Foreign Affairs (MAE). 

During this conference, we will take a closer look at the reasons behind French intervention in Mali and at the process that led to it, as well as the consequences of this intervention and the future stability of the Sahel region. 

Here are links of articles that might give you more information about our speaker:


We look forward to seeing you there. Please check out our facebook page:
and website:

Feel free to contact any member of the team (Co-Directors: Catherine Marris & Sara Velimirovic, Director of PR: Ilona Trouyet, Director of Fundraising: Luca Springer) with any questions about this conference or future conferences.


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