“Buddhism and the Cold War: Toward a Unified History” by Pr. Eugene Ford

bbqDear all,

You are cordially invited to the next Distinguished Lecture Series Conference, hosted by:

Pr. Eugene Ford

this Wednesday at 5:30PM, in the Red Lecture Room.

Before beginning his graduate work at Yale, and before coming to Sciences Po Reims, Pr. Ford earned a B.A. in history from the University of Chicago and spent two years in Thailand’s rural northeast as a Peace Corps volunteer. His teaching interests include modern Southeast Asian history; Indian Ocean history; modern U.S. international history; and the history of the global Chinese diaspora.

Pr. Ford’s dissertation for Yale’s Department of History is entitled: “Cold War Monks: Regionalism and Religious Politics in Thailand and Mainland Southeast Asia, 1945-1973”. In this paper he explores how Theravada Buddhist abbots and institutions through this region became involved in Cold War politics.
One of Pr. Ford’s main interests is in the reaction of Buddhist monks in Thailand and in neighboring countries to the self-immolations of South Vietnamese monks starting in 1963. He also examines how the U.S. attempted to cultivate relationships with Buddhist clergy in order to advance its strategic interests in the region.

See you all there! The DLS Team.


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