The DLS starts its official site

In September 2011, the Distinguished Lecture Series started as a collaborative project at SciencesPo Paris, Euro-american campus in Reims.

A year after, after numerous lectures, some failures and many more successes, the DLS has established a brand name and it is continuing to do so.

In the first year of our existance, we have hosted 12 conferences, helped the Campus administration to host their lectures, and provided additional connect

On  November 26th, the Distinguished Lecture Series started its website.

As we are moving towards Spring 2013, the DLS team is taking actions to be recognized by the administration of SciencesPo Paris as a course.

This website is just one step of the new plan of sharing information about our conferences, debates, lectures.

It is designed to be a forum for further comments, to provide additional information about lecturers, events, etc.

The DLS team would like to thank you for your attendance and to express hope that you will continue to provide us with necessary support to continue with the Series!
Best regards,

The DLS team


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