September 26th: “The Role of UNESCO: A Mix of Politics and Culture,” with Her Excellency Mrs. Zorica TOMIĆ, Serbian Ambassador to UNESCO

November 12th: “The Recent Elections in the United States & What Effect they might have on International Relations,” with Senator Larry PRESSLER (Ret.)

November 13th: “Historical Origins of the East-West Political Construct & Conflicts,” with Special Agent Robert BIRDSONG, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

November 14th: “The Ideological Recomposition of the United States & Obama’s Re-election,” with Professor Amy GREENE, International Affairs Manager for the USA at the SciencesPo Centre for the Americas

November 21st: “Europe: Democracy at Risk?” with Mr. Thijs BERMAN, Dutch politician, Member of the European Parliament

November 22nd: “India: Between Growth, Justice & Sustainability,” with Professor Amita BAVISKAR, Associate Professor of Sociology at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi

November 29th: “Studying Peace Scientifically: Democracy, Territory, & War,” with Professor John VASQUEZ, University of Illinois

January 16th: “Israel in the Middle East,” with His Excellency Yossi GAL, Israeli Ambassador to France

January 23rd: DEBATE: Mariage pour tous?

January 20th: “From the Financial Crisis to Debt Crisis and its Economic Consequences,” with Mr. Philippe SOUSTRA, President at PJS Advisors

February 4th: “Gun Control in the United States,” with Professor Amy GREENE, International Affairs Manager for the USA at the SciencesPo Centre for the Americans

February 6th: “Sociology in the USA: About Three Common Premises in the Study of the Discipline,” with Professor Etienne OLLION, SciencesPo Paris

February 13th: “Fukushima Two Years On, and Law & Disasters,” with Professor Eric FELDMAN, Professor of Law & Deputy Dean for International Affairs at University of Pennsylvania Law School

February 20th: “Buddhism and the Cold War: Toward a Unified History,” with Professor Eugene FORD, SciencesPo Paris

February 27th: “Human Resources in the Contemporary World,” with Sophie JOBERT, Human Resources Director at Sequans Communications

March 20th: “Equal Treatment & Respect for Men & Women in France & the Empowerment of Women,” with Adeline HAZAN, Maire de Reims

March 21st: Conference with UNICEF SciencesPo Reims with Mme Marie DERAIN, la Défenseure des Enfants

March 25th: “Leadership in Change,” with Snežana Samardžić-Marković, Director General for Democracy in the Council of Europe.

March 27th: “The Russia-EU Strategic Partnership: Achievements & Challenges,” with Alexandr GUSAROV, First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union

March 28th: “Open Data Euphoria: Are We Giving Up on Open Government?” with Samuel GOETA, co-founder of Open Knowledge Foundation France

April 17th: “The Sovereign Oil Fund of Norway,” with Øyvind HERNES, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Norway

April 18th: Launching of Ciné Club – with BDA SciencesPo Reims

April 24th: “The Euro Crisis, Economic Union, & European Integration,” with Professor Eglene, Middlebury College

April 25th: Conference with UNICEF SciencesPo Reims: “L’eau, un bien aux multiples facettes,” with Professer Jean-Luc TRANCART, l’Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech